Reflow repairs

Reflow repairs and reworks

 Performing very specialised electronic repairs to your equipment which is beyond the scope of most computer repair services here in the city.   Re-flow soldering is a process where on-board BGA transistor chips are re-soldered to the surface of your printed circuit board.   Solder joints fatigue from constant heating and cooling and eventually give way rendering your laptop or console unusable.

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PCB board


In gaming consoles and laptops not only do we re-flow the board but we will also modify the cooling system to better cope with the heat produced inside the machine which will give it a longer life.

Not all re-flows are successful and further not all reflow repairs last.  If done correctly and the heating system is also modified at the same then a reasonable life can be got from a repair.  A lot of problems with chips is due to a manufacturing fault to begin with and this is usually a result of the wrong solder type being used in the BGA.  To remove a BGA in most cases in not economically possible as the cost would outweigh the cost of a new system.  So a reasonable level of expectation must be used before carrying out these repairs.  Reflows done wrong can render a PCB permanently damaged and would require a new board to rectify.

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