Low cost Services

At Galway laptop Surgery

Low cost service is what we are all about, why pay for a high street shop, just pay for your repairs.  Computer repair and maintenance doesn’t have to be a core, and never needs to be expensive.

Clean installs:  Installing Windows or other operating system on to a clean hard drive.  The hard drive is totally erased and formatted.  Windows is installed onto a clean disk with system drivers downloaded and installed.

Boot Problems: Several issues can prevent a computer from starting, these can include hard disk issues, virus problem, corrupt system files, and more.  Most all boot problems can be repaired to get your system up and going.  The starting point is to locate and find out exactly what is causing the problem. At Galway Laptop Surgery we do assessments free so you don’t have to worry about cost until the problem is being repaired.

Overheating Issues:  Laptops by default tend to suffer from heating problems.  This is mostly due to the fact that all the components are cluttered together in a small space.  The computer uses an internal fan system to help pull cool air in and blow hot air out.  It is vitally important that this system is clean at all times. Over time the fan will clog up with dust and restrict the ventilation to the laptop.  An over heating system will reduce its life dramatically,  slow system performance and in certain situations can cause permanent damage to the laptops chip set.  We provide a full service to open system, clean fan, reapply thermal compound to the chip set.

This site is for research purposes only and for gathering information to gain an understanding statistically for the proposed services mentioned on it. We appreciate your co-operation and help


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